Memory optimizer for windows 10

Many useful tools help optimize your storage system and significantly enhance your PC’s speed. There are RAM booster tools that make your PC fast and prioritize better usage of RAM. If you want to choose a good memory-optimizer, consider the following points.

Memory optimizer for windows 10
Memory optimizer for windows 10 | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Memory optimizer for windows 10

It will help you find a solution for slowing down your computer system and help you fix it considerably. Data tends to build up by the computer on your RAM and HDD, which makes your PC run slow. Thus you need a RAM optimizer for Windows 10 version.

Why optimizing the RAM is important? 

You know, mere software optimization will not suddenly increase RAM or make it stronger. Optimization of RAM is just a maintenance and clean-up duty that helps in improving your computer performance by removing all unnecessary files memory and enhancing computer programs. Windows 10 comes with integrated tools that may be complicated and inconvenient for those not considered computer savvy. RAM optimizers, therefore, should be simple, easy to understand, and convenient to use. The following optimizers of windows 10 are considered best. The memory optimization software is necessary if you use an older version of OS like XP or have less RAM. The following optimization tools work effectively on Microsoft windows 10.


Restore is considered a handy software tool that helps fix all universal problems linked with the Windows operating system. It is lightweight, easy to understand, simple to use, and quite efficient. You can rely on restoring your PC by downloading the program and running the initial scan. It helps in RAM optimization, improves CPU power, regulates temperature, and boosts the speed of the hard disk. It will fix all damages caused to your PC and remove malware, fixing missing or broken DLLs, and repairing registries. By program restore, you can ensure real-time monitoring of your PC, thereby fixing all issues and optimizing the PC quite fast. It is an efficient PC optimization and repair tool that runs your PC at full capacity of RAM.

Iolo system mechanic

It is a common and famous RAM optimizer that maximum customers trust as it helps in the following ways-

  • Prevents RAM clogging up by cleaning unrequired data
  • Helps in turning off or blocking unwanted and unrequired programs
  • Deletes internet history and cache
  • Wiping logs

It helps to enhance computer performance and increase the speed of the Internet. This application automatically helps optimize settings so that customers can download items fast, enhance online gaming, and load web pages quickly. This application can solve any software-related problems and errors if you have any software-related problems and errors. This RAM optimizer comes with unique features that make your PC error-free, updated, and stable. It includes several packages for maintaining computer systems, security functions, and privacy protection.

Wise memory optimizer

This RAM optimizer is a portable and lightweight program that removes unwanted applications that take up your PC’s memory. It is easy to use and includes a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation. Also, it displays how much RAM has been freed after pressing the option of RAM optimizer in the form of the pie chart. The tool is easy to erase as it consists of a portable edition, so without installing the program, you can use it. For manual starting of the optimization process, you should click on the application’s button and free up your PC’s memory space quite fast whenever it degrades below a particular level.

Razer cortex 

Razer is a boosting program that can be used by Windows 10 users to enhance computer performance and make it run smoothly. It is specially designed for gamers to boost their gaming experience. It prevents the processing of the unrequired system. Razer cortex cleans your RAM’s memory that has been preoccupied with unwanted programs and helps to open applications quickly. It helps in defragging your computer system and performs many functions manually. It is available in windows 7,8,10. And it is a quite popular company that deals in gaming merchandise.

Tweaking windows repair

Tweaking windows repair may be a dated interface, but it is a reliable and efficient program that helps solve issues that a user of windows 10 usually faces. This tool helps in increasing your computer’s speed. It comes with the advantage of being a lightweight package that helps to prevent the following errors-

  • Windows firewall issues
  • Registry errors
  • Error with Internet Explorer.
  • File permission issues
  • Windows Update errors

You can improve the performance by upgrading your system and adding more RAM However, you can simply help your system run better by using a RAM optimizer for windows 10.


This optimization tool has in free memory management. It helps free up RAM and optimizes your system’s memory usage effectively. Also, it helps to make RAM perform in a better manner and manages the physical memory of the windows system. It keeps your computer running smoothly without any memory leaks and stops your system from crashing. There are many advantages of this optimization tool. They are as follows-

  • It helps to enhance your system performance.
  • Helps in removing memory leaks
  • It helps to increase memory level
  • Helps in recovering memory from windows application
  • Prevents memory problem to cause system crash


In this Memory optimizer for windows 10 guide, we talk about what it is and show you 5 external tools to use. You can always download our tool from the main page.

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